New earphones from AKG

In addition to the existing models, the company introduced ten new AKG in-ear earphones that are compatible with the iPhone, all models of iPod, CD/DVD/MP3 other players.
AKG K 309 - is the ideal solution for true connoisseurs of music, providing high-quality playback on any possible playback devices, including new models of iPhone. The model is presented in a brown-orange color; earphone pads are made of foam plastic material.

iPod Nano will be equipped with a camera

Last year, rumors were already in the network, the iPod nano will be equipped with a camera, but the rumors remained rumors, but now there were real pictures, which represents the Corps iPod Nano with a hole for the camera. As a result, we can conclude that the camera in the iPod Nano will be built into the main body, and the clip will be an opening that it had not blocked the camera, and thus did not interfere with the camera to shoot different pictures. From the photographs also show that the developers iPod nano, really nothing has changed in terms of housing. The developers of Apple just updated the software and reduced the cost of iPod Nano versions 8 and 16 GB.

The body of the new iPhone can be made from a single sheet of aluminum

Apple will equip a new iPhone model extended to four-inch screen and casing made from a single sheet of aluminum.
About this site AppleInsider reported with reference to the analyst Topeka Capital Markets Brian White.
This conclusion is made on the basis of Wight visiting factories in China and Taiwan. The analyst believes that manufacturers are preparing to start manufacturing some parts for the sixth-generation iPhone in June, and to market the device itself, in its opinion, is scheduled for the autumn.

Sales of the new iPhone 5 will begin in early summer

The new Apple smartphone can appear as early as June. However, some experts still predict the output of the iPhone 5 in the fall.
iPhone the next generation to go on sale in June of this year. This recruiter has told the company Foxconn.
According to him, the new iPhone will display with a diagonal of at least 4 inches and a flat rectangular body.

Logitech has released a new series of speakers Z320

Logitech Z320 - no more than a fashionable gift with an unusual and stylish appearance. This speaker for either games or listening to music or for movies, for anything at all similar. But for the present, they fit perfectly: the sound is neither worse nor much better than other pieces of plastic (though there are 2-3 times more expensive due to design and unconventionally arranged speakers and bass reflex), but they look impressive and have a rant in the description '360'.

Anime in your iPhone with html5 video player

High-quality graphics, the best images and beautiful scenes decorate your divays and give him a unique individuality of design. And what a great freedom for the choice of fantasy images, incomparable works of artists of this genre will always give more food for the imagination. Amazing dream world will come to life, in which you'll meet fantastic creatures and beautiful maidens, evil monsters and brave heroes. For those who like simple fun pictures available on our website. A good selection of cartoon characters for young girls and boys. Decorate your gadget with anime pictures and html5 video player and enjoy you iPhone even more.

Quitting Smoking Through Acupuncture

People have differing reasons for wanting to quit smoking. Some people may have developed health problems from smoking, such as labored breathing, chronic coughing or a weakened immune system. Other people may not be experiencing health problems, but may instead want to prevent them from developing or to improve their health overall. Some people decide to stop smoking when a family member or friend is diagnosed with a smoking-related illness such as emphysema or lung cancer.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze – the resurrection of the old Galaxy S?

Under the hood of the Galaxy S it now seats a dual-core engine of 1.5 GHz that is running 4G. The processor is called the Scorpion! ( don’t know why, but Gsmarena says so ). Top that with a RAM memory of 1 GB that is running Gingerbread ( Android v2.3.6) and you got yourself a blazing smartphone. It has a screen somewhere similar to a Samsung Galaxy 2 or 3, but smaller and with a lower performance: a 4inch SUPER AMOLED touchscreen with 16M colors and a 480x800 resolution.

The Best Method To Unlocking An iPhone Fast and Easy

There are many advantages to unlocking your iPhone, not just in terms of contractual freedom but also in terms of customizing the phone and truly freeing up its untapped potential. Going through an iphone unlock is something that people have been doing since iPhones first came on to the market, and the process hasn't changed much. In the early days, Apple and the cellular companies were anti-unlocking as they felt that it promoted piracy, but now unlocking is considered acceptable and even has its own page on the Apple website.

The Ultimate Technological Experience Is A Smart TV

The first television had no color; it was all in black and white. The reception device was a pair of “rabbit ears” that sat on top of the television that had to be directionally turned by hand to get a clear picture. The picture had to be adjusted or rabbit ears turned constantly to get rid of the horizontal and vertical lines. There was a picture tube inside a beautifully constructed cabinet that weighted at least 25 pounds. Black and white television took a backseat in the early 1970’s when Toshiba introduced the first color television.

Free international sms

Nobody likes to pay for SMS, and certainly no one likes to pay huge money for international calls. So we have collected the best apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, which will help you save significant amounts on the payment for mobile operators.