Logitech has released a new series of speakers Z320

Logitech Z320 - no more than a fashionable gift with an unusual and stylish appearance. This speaker for either games or listening to music or for movies, for anything at all similar. But for the present, they fit perfectly: the sound is neither worse nor much better than other pieces of plastic (though there are 2-3 times more expensive due to design and unconventionally arranged speakers and bass reflex), but they look impressive and have a rant in the description '360'.

How to choose a speaker system

The type and quality of speakers depends what effect you get from your home theater as a whole. Too simple cheap acoustics can lead to the fact that all of your expenses for a quality home theater would not be justified. The optimum amount is allocated for the purchase of the columns will be equal to approximately 50% of the total theater experience. Some experts believe that this figure should increase to 70, but in our opinion, it is already too much.