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iPod Nano will be equipped with a camera

Last year, rumors were already in the network, the iPod nano will be equipped with a camera, but the rumors remained rumors, but now there were real pictures, which represents the Corps iPod Nano with a hole for the camera. As a result, we can conclude that the camera in the iPod Nano will be built into the main body, and the clip will be an opening that it had not blocked the camera, and thus did not interfere with the camera to shoot different pictures. From the photographs also show that the developers iPod nano, really nothing has changed in terms of housing. The developers of Apple just updated the software and reduced the cost of iPod Nano versions 8 and 16 GB.

Overview of different versions of the iPod

Apple is still not equal: the quality of music and video devices, this company is always on top. Regardless of the model. Features an iPod from one model to evolve in the direction of improvement. All those who at least has an idea of ​​what a MP3-player, already know: Apple iPod-this is the most popular music device in the world. And how many would not blaming competitors, it is a fact.