Overview of different versions of the iPod

The first iPod came in far in 2001. Hard drive of the first model was only 5GB, but after six months out of his "big brother" with twice the capacity. To date, Apple has been in the line of four models, each of whom will be able to select iPod in the shower. For example, in our review of the iPod touch - it is an ideal option for those who need constant access to the Internet, the other three multimedia devices are "generalists" (except for the music "puzzled" still photos and video playback). The fifth generation Apple iPod - a reality of today, provided the media player iPod Video.

iPod Shuffle - junior representative of the ruler. Laconic device in the spirit of minimalism: it refers both to its size and the price, and the amount of memory, similar to how Windows laptops will have less PC memory, due to the small nature of the device. Very easy to use: pleeer attached to the lapel of a jacket pocket or belt edge. The body is made of anodized aluminum, stylish design: the choice, there are five colors - silver, blue, green, purple and red. Capacity ranges (1 and 2 GB). Hours: 12 hours on one charge.

The main characteristics of the charm of iPod Shuffle - its miniature and high-strength housing, and in an incredibly simple interface. Using them may even be a child without fear of breaking something or confused.

iPod Touch is equipped with a large and bright 3.5-inch screen with the technology of Multi-Touch. With the iPod Touch in your pocket you are entirely on-line: the ability to use the Internet pumped to the max. E-mail, WiFi, sensor orientation, and the remaining 33 pleasure. There are options for iPod Touch with flash memory and 32 GB of 8.16. Hours: 22 hours music and 5 hours of video on one charge. It is a fitting companion for the person to whom it is very important at the right time to disperse grief and be in touch.

In the words of iPod Nano - it's aluminum casing in six colors, plus a bright 2-inch color screen (available capacity of 4 GB and 8). Perhaps this is the smallest iPod with a screen having a video playback. Flash memory makes it malovospriimchivym to falls and shocks, which suggests the idea that it is ideal for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Cover Flow interface allows you to sort music albums, and the ability to work without recharging during the day makes iPod Nano is incredibly attractive purchase.

Even as the name implies, iPod Classic is the successor of the very first iPod. As the memory uses the hard drive. For sale is a iPod Classic 80GB and 160GB, and in two colors - silver and black. It is a reliable companion to this music lover, for which essentially carry their entire photocurrent in a breast pocket. In addition, few people will refuse such a stylish and functional external drive.

Do you want to select iPod? New Apple - Media Player iPod Video. He looks just brilliant: the backdrop is made of polished metal, the face - made of plastic (black and white versions). The main control offers Click Wheel. Inside the case is hidden 80 GB hard drive, outside pleasing to the eye a large (2.5 inch) LCD display. It is simple and easy interface with support for Cyrillic (including the reading of ID3-tag data) and video opportunities. Full, and not as a bonus: the player can play video encoded codec H.264 (with bitrates up to 768 kbit / s) or MPEG4 (bit rate up to 2.5 Mbit / s). There are games. But most importantly - the huge potential for development at the expense of additional accessories.

Apple is still not equal: the quality of music and video devices, this company is always on top. Regardless of the model. Features an iPod from one model to evolve in the direction of improvement. All those who at least has an idea of ​​what a MP3-player, already know: Apple iPod-this is the most popular music device in the world. And how many would not blaming competitors, it is a fact.