Sales of the new iPhone 5 will begin in early summer

The new Apple smartphone can appear as early as June. However, some experts still predict the output of the iPhone 5 in the fall.

iPhone the next generation to go on sale in June of this year. This recruiter has told the company Foxconn.

According to him, the new iPhone will display with a diagonal of at least 4 inches and a flat rectangular body.

Note also previously reported that the building of a new apple gadget is made from a single piece of aluminum.

According to the company Foxconn, the total number of the iPhone 5, which are planned to gather at the new plant, in the year should reach about 57 million. You also can buy iphone insurance online.

For the production of the iPhone 5, Foxconn will employ an additional 18,000 workers. This factory is planning to collect more than 80% of the total number of new vehicles.

One reason for the hiring of new employees may also be that last week, Apple and Foxconn signed an agreement to improve working conditions.

It should be noted in the past few years, Apple has announced a new iPhone model in June. For example, in 2008 at the Conference Worldwide Developers Conference was presented to iPhone 3G, in the same month of 2009 - iPhone 3GS, and in 2010 - iPhone 4.

But last year the company broke with tradition by releasing iPhone 4S in October. For this reason, many analysts are predicting the next output of a smartphone in the autumn of 2012.

According to experts, iPhone 5 can also get a quad-core A6, internal memory of 16 to 64 GB, 8-megapixel camera, iOS new collection, the chip NFC, 1 GB of memory and support 4G-networks (LTE).