Earphones Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

It's no secret that Apple sells in their stores not only its products but also products of their partners. It is understandable - you can not be first in everything. But it is not necessary. Enough to know that if it is sold in the Apple Store - means the company is prepared to recommend to their customers. It is of such a thing and will be discussed. This earphones Beats by Dr. Dre Tour with remote control and microphone on the company's Monster.
As for the box, everything is top notch. The box is made perfect, its nice to pick up. Having it open - the feeling that you have in your hands was an expensive and high-quality product does not leave you till the last moment. Made is really amazing. Although packaging - it's certainly not the main thing, but if everything inside was wrapped in cellophane and duct tape to pull, you will agree - pluses to this product are not added.
In my opinion for a set of earphones for more than worthy. In addition to the six types of attachments, we offer special flexible devices, such as small delays for what would be needed if it was possible to firmly secure the earphones in our ears. This is especially useful if you plan to use them during the over-active sessions, for example, riding on a snowboard or skis. In addition, the bundle includes a nice carrying case for storage and terminal clip.
But God bless them with boxes and accessories, let's get to the core - by the headphones. Outwardly, they look just fine. Maybe it's prejudice, but looking at them, for some reason, it is clear that this thing! Probably affects the attention of the manufacturer for details. All done very elegantly and efficiently. The wire has a flat shape, which the company claims to Electronics does not allow him to become confused or broken. How this will be true only time can show, but at first glance very similar to the truth.
Earphones have been designed to work with their devices, Apple. This means that with their help, you can control your player (if it's from Apple of course) and use them as a headset to your iPhone. Ability to switch tracks, pause, control volume, accept or repel challenges. Remote control tactile made very comfortable. It has a convex shape and embossed icons "-" and "+" that allows you to manage them by touch.
Finally he made jack in the angular shape. Personally, I think this form is optimal for use with the products of Apple, because thus the risk of accidental break jack toe is greatly reduced.
The sound is simply amazing. I saying that this is the best sound from those that I have heard in the headphones of this type. The depth of the bass and the range of audible frequencies are staggering. If you want to read more about those. performance - I'll give links at the end of the review.
A little technical information on the headphones themselves:
Music Profile: Classical & Jazz, Hip Hop / R & B / Rap
Type jack-a: angular, gold-plated
Built-in functions: microphone, remote control iPod / iPhone, the suppression of noise during a conversation
Weight: 20g.
Cable length 1.2 m