Sales of the new iPhone 5 will begin in early summer

The new Apple smartphone can appear as early as June. However, some experts still predict the output of the iPhone 5 in the fall.
iPhone the next generation to go on sale in June of this year. This recruiter has told the company Foxconn.
According to him, the new iPhone will display with a diagonal of at least 4 inches and a flat rectangular body.

How to choose a speaker system

The type and quality of speakers depends what effect you get from your home theater as a whole. Too simple cheap acoustics can lead to the fact that all of your expenses for a quality home theater would not be justified. The optimum amount is allocated for the purchase of the columns will be equal to approximately 50% of the total theater experience. Some experts believe that this figure should increase to 70, but in our opinion, it is already too much.

The body of the new iPhone can be made from a single sheet of aluminum

Apple will equip a new iPhone model extended to four-inch screen and casing made from a single sheet of aluminum.
About this site AppleInsider reported with reference to the analyst Topeka Capital Markets Brian White.
This conclusion is made on the basis of Wight visiting factories in China and Taiwan. The analyst believes that manufacturers are preparing to start manufacturing some parts for the sixth-generation iPhone in June, and to market the device itself, in its opinion, is scheduled for the autumn.

Overview of different versions of the iPod

Apple is still not equal: the quality of music and video devices, this company is always on top. Regardless of the model. Features an iPod from one model to evolve in the direction of improvement. All those who at least has an idea of ​​what a MP3-player, already know: Apple iPod-this is the most popular music device in the world. And how many would not blaming competitors, it is a fact.

Earphones Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

It's no secret that Apple sells in their stores not only its products but also products of their partners. It is understandable - you can not be first in everything. But it is not necessary. Enough to know that if it is sold in the Apple Store - means the company is prepared to recommend to their customers. It is of such a thing and will be discussed. This earphones Beats by Dr. Dre Tour with remote control and microphone on the company's Monster.